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Note to budding carjackers: Learn to drive a stick shift before heading out to boost a car.

Note to potential carjacking victims: If the thief can't drive a stick, run away and call the cops.

Unfortunately our advice is a little too late for a couple of guys in St. Louis. According to the Associated Press, on Sunday, a motorist was approached in his vehicle by an armed man, who ordered him to move to the passenger seat and demanded his money. The victim handed over $24, at which point the would-be carjacker tried to drive off in the car. Unfortunately for the miscreant (who is obviously not an Autoblog reader), he was totally stymied by the manual transmission.

Either not wanting to get shot or in an effort to save his clutch, the victim reportedly offered to drive the bad guy to his destination. It was either a genius move or there's more to the story than we know.

Either way, when the robber exited the car, he was at least polite enough to thank the guy for a ride. Who says you can't point guns at folks, take their money and still be nice?

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