Don't get ahead of yourselves: This is not yet another Lincoln-badged Mustang rumor post, the likes of which seem to crop up every few years. Instead, Ford's wayward luxury division is reportedly hoping to gain access to the bits and pieces that will underpin the next-generation pony car – specifically, the MacPherson front and independent rear suspension setup.

Having this rear-wheel-drive platform could do a number of good things for Lincoln. For example, it could finally give the brand a proper entry-level luxury fighter for the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Cadillac ATS, Infiniti G and so on, though brand officials will still insist that the all-wheel-drive MKZ suits this need just fine.

According to Car and Driver, this forthcoming rear-wheel-drive architecture could be used to better place the awkward MKS in its mid-size luxury segment. Rather than being simply a more expensive Ford Taurus, the MKS could transform itself into a genuine 5 Series or CTS fighter. Perhaps it could even look something like Lincoln's 2007 MKR concept shown above. Furthermore, a proper rear-wheel-drive flagship could be in the cards for Lincoln, though the Mustang's platform would need to be seriously overhauled and stretched to handle such a task.

But for Ford, as C/D points out, would it really make sense to go through all the trouble of creating a bona fide rear-wheel-drive sedan and not just slap a Blue Oval badge on it? If the automaker truly wants Lincoln to survive, then many pundits would say yes.

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