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Here's an interesting way to look at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, courtesy of the California Fuel Cell Partnership. In a new blog update, the CaFCP says, "Nothing like a little exhaust from a fuel cell electric vehicle ... water so clean you can drink it."

Well, that's the picture text, any, the blog post says that this isn't really the case. After all, "It's clean, distilled water, but it will have traces of the catalyst. Plus, the tailpipe is a little dirty." Then there's this:

A fuel cell doesn't produce enough water to fill you glass. When we drink tailpipe water for a camera, like Ben is doing in the picture, it's not more than a few drops. If fact, fuel cells produce about the same amount of water as gasoline vehicle – about 1/3 cup for a full day of driving.

Not much there we didn't know already, and we've seen similar demonstrations before (see video below, starting at min. 5), but it's still interesting, no?

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