Say hello to the latest diesel hybrid, the new Peugeot 508 HYbrid4.

This is the third body style to feature the automaker's HYbrid4 technology, the others being the DS5 and the 3008. The four-wheel-drive diesel-electric spits out just 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, Peugeot says, from a 2-liter HDi diesel engine that offers 120 kW (163 horsepower) alongside a 27-kW (37-hp) electric motor. That's the same set-up that has been the heart of the HYbrid4 powerplant since the system was launched in 2009.

If you're more used to mpg numbers than CO2/km, that's about equivalent to 65 miles per U.S. gallon. The car also has an all-electric mode, alongside "Auto," "Sport" and "4WD," but details on this option were not disclosed. Price, too, has not yet been revealed. On the DS5, going for the diesel-hybrid over the normal powertrain costs an extra $6,000 or so.
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New peugeot 508 hybrid4 the range of full hybrid diesels expanded with a 3rd version


The innovative HYbrid4 technology is now offered with a 3rd body style in the Peugeot model range. After application to crossover and all road estate types, it is a saloon that now benefits from the unique abilities provided by the Full Hybrid Diesel. With CO2 emissions reduced to 95 g/km combined with a high level of performance, the 508 HYbrid4 represents an unequalled offering in its segment.

Peugeot is the precursor of the Full Hybrid Diesel. This technology, which is still unequalled in the market, was designed to be modular and adaptable to different platforms. With this new offering in the 508 range, Peugeot gives a 3rd dimension to HYbrid4.

Indeed the performance provided by this innovative drive train, which is based on the virtuous association of a 2.0 litre HDi Diesel engine producing 120 kW (163 hp) and a 27 kW (37 hp) electric motor, will allow the 508 HYbrid4 to win new market share, particularly with BtoB customers or in countries where there are high fiscal incentives related to CO2 emissions.

A technological step ahead allows unequalled benefits to be offered, associating performance of a high level and much reduced fuel consumption:

Maximum power of 147 kW (200 hp),
4 wheel drive,
4 driving modes including a 100% electric mode,
95 g/km CO2 for 3.6 l/100 km (78.5 mpg) on the combined cycle.

All of the qualities that contributed to the success of the 508 are of course present in this new model.

Recognisable by a discreet badge on the grille, the HYbrid4 versions retains a streamlined, prestigious and dynamic appearance. On board, the control knob used to select the 4 driving modes (Auto, ZEV, Sport, 4WD), particularly well integrated into the centre console, underlines the high level of perceived quality that characterises the whole 508 range.

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