We're noticing a trend, here: people like to play with their Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. Some like to drive it insane distances, some like to make it go faster and some like to just make it moar biggar.

Example #1. The distance driver. Tony Williams of LoveMyLeaf.com recently drove his car from Baja California to British Columbia (BC 2 BC, at it's known). The trip was part adventure – he didn't know where he was going to charge up some days – and part advocacy, as Williams helped spread the EV message along the way, including a stop at the Electric Automobile Association's meeting in Cupertino, CA a few days ago.

Example #2. Car and Driver recently took a Leaf to the skidpad and, after swapping tire, turned the EV from a not-so-great 0.79 g to a near-1.0 g machine. Video here.

Example #3. Stretch limo Leaf. Thanks to the modders without fear at Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, MO, we have our first confirmed Nissan Leaf stretch limo. Head electrician Nathan Daily makes it sound simple. "We took a regular Nissan Leaf electric sedan and we cut it into two and basically extended the frame and everything to add a center section to it to stretch it into a limousine," he told Ozarks First. Exactly what this modification does to the range and other specs is not explained, but you can watch video of the conversion here.

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