So far this season Nico Rosberg has clued us in to why this year's Formula 1 cars look like they do and how the drivers sit inside their cockpits. For his next installment of Grand Prix Insights, along with the help of a Mercedes F1 engineer, he goes over some of the features of the carbon fiber monocoque that has allowed drivers to walk away from crashes that would have once been very bad news.

McLaren was the first team to use all-carbon-fiber monocoque 31 years ago on the MP4/1, and even though it took years for teams to be able to make their own shells instead of using aircraft suppliers, the idea of carbon fiber innovations in the automotive world is tied to the sport.

Watch the video below to find out what's happening at the bleeding edge of carbon fiber construction today. The crash test with the 3.5-kilogram chassis nose without wing at the front of a 775-kg sled shouldn't be missed.

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