This Craigslist abomination is certainly a sign that something very, very evil has gone down in the Appalachian hills of eastern Kentucky.

The monstrous mashup is advertised as a "1962 International rat rod?". Note the question mark. It is possibly the most important piece of punctuation in the entire listing. For this is no rat rod. Sure, it's cobbled together with pieces of several other vehicles, and at least some of it is unpainted. But rat rods are cool. This is, well, rat wrong. Or maybe just rat.

Features include the best of all three vehicles. It's got an Olds dashboard, tilt steering, cruise control, power seats, and, we think, alloy wheels. Below the beltline are the ribbed side panels of a Pontiac Grand Am and in back its "duel" exhaust. And plopped right behind the engine is the primer-red cab from a 1962 International pickup truck with Grand Am door handles "allready" installed. Three orphaned nameplates right there in one (un)tidy package.

The seller claims the only thing wrong with it is "the aircondition is low of freon," but it drives fine and (somehow) retains the International's good title. So despite the heat, and the inevitable run-ins with hordes of pitchfork wielding locals trying to burn it at the stake, just $3,000 (price is firm, btw) drives this unholy wreck right on home. Why would anyone want to part with such a work of, um, art? The seller says he has too many other projects to do.

Someone, for the love of Harley Earl, please stop this guy before he strikes again.

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