Heads up, Audi Allroad fans. The 2013 online configurator for the all-wheel-drive wagon is up and running for your daydreaming fun.

To maximize our pretend-time pleasure, we fantasized being much wealthier than we actually are and went all out, starting with the Prestige-level Allroad. Base price for the Premium level is $39,600. Stepping up to Premium Plus takes it to $42,900 and top-of-the-line Prestige zooms to $48,800. Each strata, we assume, adds more standard features. But, apparently, the build-your-own Allroad site isn't quite finished and doesn't detail the differences. It also warns the images shown are European spec and refers to the wagon's engine as being powered by, "petrol."

First thing we chose was the new Moonlight Blue Metallic paint. That added $475. If you aren't big fans of those black fenders on our blue car, you can go with the "full paint finish" package for $1,000. The configurator showed another bug by insisting we had to add an exterior appearance package with contrasting body cladding and stainless steel underbody protection, but wouldn't allow us to.

No matter, we forged ahead with the $3,250 Driver Assist Package, which sounds like pure sorcery with adjustable steering effort, throttle response and shift style as well as adaptive cruise control.

The Chestnut Brown leather looks pretty nice by itself, but we went ahead and added the $850 layered oak anyway. Rear side airbags ($350) are a must as are rear sun shades ($250), bringing our Allroad to a whopping $56,170. Add another $1,000 for the full paint finish, and don't forget $895 for destination.

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Audi allroad

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