Here in the States, we generally think of diesel-powered vehicles in one of two ways. First, there are the gigantor pickups with their loud and burly turbodiesel engines. Second, there are the diesel fuel misers, such as Volkswagen's stable of TDI mobiles.

In Europe, though, nearly every car is available with at least one optional diesel engine, and many of those are considered performance models. Of course, there's also a fertile aftermarket community willing to turn any diesel engine into a mouth-breathing torque monster, and all it usually takes is the installation of a massive turbocharger.

Take, for instance, the Mercedes-Benz OM603 and OM606 inline-six-cylinder engines. As you can see in the three videos below, there's plenty of tire-shredding performance hidden inside these otherwise plebeian powerplants, whether housed in the engine bay of a Mercedes or an old Volvo.

Plenty of black and white smoke can be seen in the videos below... which makes us glad we can watch the festivities from a reasonably safe distance.

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