Subaru and Scion dealers are having no trouble finding homes for BRZ and FR-S models. The sport coupes are ranked one and two on the list of cars that spend the fewest days on dealer lots. According to Edmunds, the BRZ takes just four days to turn, followed by the FR-S at five days. On average, it takes dealers 53 days to move new models. Both machines are surrounded by a halo of buzz and plenty of pent-up demand. Subaru began selling the BRZ in the U.S. at the end of April, while Scion gave the first 86 FR-S buyers the chance to come to California for a little track time in their new purchases.

Then there's the issue of low supply. Toyota will only sell 10,000 Scion FR-S units in the U.S. this year while Subaru will only offer buyers 6,000 BRZ coupes. That number will increase in 2013, but that's a long time from now. According to The New York Times, in Japan, the initial interest in the BRZ was a full four times higher than Subaru anticipated.

Why are the production numbers so low while demand seems so high? Subaru based its production predictions on WRX sales, and estimated a rear-wheel-drive model would see lower interest. Turns out, at least initially, Subaru was a bit too conservative.

Subaru BRZ Information

Subaru BRZ

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