Well now, it looks as if we know what Hot Wheels has planned for its next big stunt. As you may remember, the toy company recently released a video suggesting it planned to take on another public stunt. The last time the company put on a spectacle, Tanner Foust set a world-record jump at the Indianapolis 500. This time around, two drivers will tackle a massive double loop. How massive? Try 60 feet in diameter. Unlike the loop that the Top Gear crew recently dominated, this ramp design puts two drivers side by side before funneling them together onto the same track.

Sounds hairy.

Drivers will take to their cockpits during the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles. Those of us who can't make it to the West Coast can watch the action on either ABC or ESPN on June 30th. The Hot Wheels Green and Yellow teams will hit the track at around 11:20. Check out the teaser video below.

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