Police in Los Angeles have impounded rapper Will.i.am's custom car. The recording artist was reportedly driving the gullwing coupe around the city with no license plate. When officers stopped the Black Eyed Peas frontman and checked the registration, they found an issue and sent the car to lockup. Will.i.am was cited for both the registration issue and failing to display a license plate, but was otherwise cooperative. A friend drove him from the scene. Police say the vehicle will be held until the proper paperwork can be organized.

As you may recall, the car, shown above, is the first from Will.I.am's new company, IAMAUTO. The prototype creation is understood to use pieces borrowed a donor Delorean and a Dodge Challenger and was built by the team at West Coast Customs. Will.i.am hopes to start serial production of the car near where he grew up in Los Angeles as a way to give jobs back to his hard luck community.

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