Say what you will about Ken Block. The guy knows how to have some fun. He's also pretty good at selling clothing. The hotshoe's latest move to sling t-shirts flies under the Hoonigan banner, where vehicular antics of every sort can safely gather. The crew has worked up a best of compilation video stitching together some of the internet's most infamous cases of drivers behaving badly. Even better, the clips are set to Motorhead's gasoline-fueled "Ace of Spades." Hammer down, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, we enjoy marketing about as much as we like flossing with a ball peen hammer, but if we absolutely have to be peddled future shop rags, it might as well be like this. So, go forth and hoon. Just do it without being stupid or killing anyone. Who knows, maybe your video will show up in the next compilation. Check out the full video for yourself by scrolling below.

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