Look around. See anyone who could stand to lose a few pounds? Of course you do. Americans are fat. And not in a funny, two-twins-riding-on-the-back-of-motorcycles way, but in a depressing, billions-wasted-on-health-care-costs-associated-with-obesity way. That's why you have guys like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hacking away at the tip of the iceberg by trying to ban extra large sodas from the world.

Which, of course, is why 7-11 has recently, secretly downsized its 64-ounce Double Gulp to a mere 50 ounces.

What's that? That's not true? The Daily is reporting that 7-11 did it because the cups don't fit in cupholders? Conspiracy! Coverup! Check the alleyways behind 7-11's and you're likely to find big, fetid puddles of soda, forming an environmental hazard. Either that, or they've started using it for fracking.

Not true either? Well, at the very least we can still accuse 7-11 of deceptive marketing. After all, that Double Gulp no longer holds twice as much liquid as the Big Gulp.

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