With money having transitioned from cold hard cash to ones and zeros on a computer screen, stealing someone's personal property has also gone from the romantically dangerous act of train robbing to the Hot Pocket-consuming act of electronic bank hacking. We miss the good old days when miscreants gathered up a posse, left town at a gallop and met the 3:10 to Yuma for a little robbery on rails. Fortunately, there are still some Romanian criminals out there who share our nostalgia.

In the grainy video below you'll see a group of Romanians in an SUV approach a cargo truck from behind under cover of night. Two of the men climb out of the sunroof, with one of them sliding down on the hood and the other hanging back to make sure the first doesn't fall. The man on the hood then manages to open the truck's cargo doors, get a good look inside and, apparently discovering the contents aren't worth the trouble, closes the doors and climbs back in the SUV.

The video was reportedly shot by Romania's Department for Organized Crime and Terrorism, and news agencies are reporting that the gang responsible has already been arrested for stealing items like TVs and cigarettes that were later sold in Bucharest.
Romanian Gang Attempts Highway Robbery of Moving Truck

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