Looks like the first two "happy Volt" owner commercials were a success. We assume this because General Motors has now released another half-dozen similar ads for the Chevrolet Volt. Every last one continues the pleasant, peppy vibe that once told us how the plug-in hybrid can save us "a crapload of money."

The latest batch of commercials all show the car with an owner against a white backdrop. What's different than before is that the ads don't feature just one owner anymore (as the Priya and Adam ads did back in March). Instead, the new ads tackle a theme, discussing things like "gas stations," "speed" and "true love" (no, we're not kidding) and how that relates to driving a Volt. There's even a commercial with people bragging about their VINs. Unquestionably enthusiastic, it's also a little odd to see a car company emphasize that particular aspect of car ownership. But if it works...

You can see all eight of the new ads below. After you watch then, let us know how do you think these compare to other Volt ads, like the zombie one, or ads like the one featuring the polar bear for the Nissan Leaf? In some ways, they remind us of the PSAs that Plug In America made.

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Chevrolet Volt

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