• Koenigsegg-Powered CCX Ford Granada front 3/4

  • Koenigsegg-Powered CCX Ford Granada engine bay

  • Koenigsegg-Powered CCX Ford Granada on the show floor

  • Koenigsegg-Powered CCX Ford Granada

  • Koenigsegg-Powered CCX Ford Granada engine

The lowly Mark II Ford Granada isn't high on anyone's want list. The machine wallowed from the factory with at most 160 horsepower from a gasoline V6 and with as little as 53 ponies from a wheesematic Peugeot diesel four cylinder. But where most of the world sees ancient crap can, one owner in the UK saw heaps of potential. After swapping the stock mill for a Cosworth four-cylinder, the owner was on the verge of ditching the machine for an R32 Nissan Skyline straight from the land of the Rising Sun.

That's when things took a slightly more interesting turn.

Instead of forking over the cash for the Skyline, the owner yanked the Cosworth lump and set to cutting the chassis to make room for more cylinders. When the dust settled, he had managed to cram a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter Ford V8 from the heart of a Koenigsegg CCX supercar, good for a face-ripping 1,700 horsepower. An independent rear suspension from a 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra handles putting that muscle to the rear tires and a set of massive Porsche brakes bring the whole party to a stand still. It's a miracle of fabrication, determination and insanity. We love it. Check out a video of the first start up to see what we mean.

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