You can mark this date on your calendar as VF Day: February 21, 2013. That's the date of the Daytona 500, and depending on which side of the equator you call home it will also mark the introduction of the Chevrolet SS Performance or Holden VF Commodore. Melbourne, Australia newspaper The Age said that when General Motors decided to launch the 'production' version of its 2013 NASCAR challenger at Daytona, Holden's managing director took a quick survey and then decided to launch the Commodore in Oz on the same day so as not to slight the home team.

We only hope the SS can live up to the expectations being heaped on it, and it is already burdened with the failure of the last Aussie import experiment. The rear-drive, V8 sedan's status as "limited production" should help Chevrolet manage its reception – import numbers have been pegged in the thousands and Holden's managing director said demand would exceed supply – and if it's a typical Holden production we won't have to worry about it being good. Still, seven more months of build-up won't make things easier on it.

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