Say what you will about the EPA, but when it comes to measuring single-charge ranges of the Mitsubishi i and Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles, they seemed to get it right.

Consumer Reports, whose editors have been driving both an i and a Leaf since the beginning of the year, says it's been getting an average of 59 miles on a full recharge of the Mitsubishi – three miles less than the EPA's estimates – and 75 miles on average in the Leaf, one fewer two more than the EPA's 76 73-mile rating.

While the Mitsubishi topped out at one driving session that provided 77 miles on a charge and uses about three cents per mile in electricity, the 59-mile average made it less enjoyable to drive than the Leaf. While the Nissan is priced at about $4,500 more than the i, the Leaf is a "much better car," CR said. The i, on the other hand, "is fairly crude and uncomfortable just as a car, we've been disappointed by how far it goes, or doesn't go, on a full charge."

Mitsubishi has boosted U.S. sales of the i every month this year and hit a monthly-record 85 in May. The i was rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as being the country's most fuel-efficient production vehicle, in terms of its miles-per-gallon-equivalent rating. Mitsubishi debuted its electric car as the i-MiEV in Japan in 2009.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Information

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

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