The December 2005 issue of Australian motoring mag Wheels said the Bugatti Veyron lapped the Nürbugring in 7:40 in traffic. In the intervening years, depending on which list you consult, that particular time would leave the Veyron behind as few as 11 or as many as 38 other cars. Bugatti was quiet about it, but the company is quiet about almost everything that doesn't involve a new special edition or straight-line speed.

Among the other things Bugatti has neglected to publicize is the presence of a factory-plated Veyron Super Sport caught doing recon laps at the 'Ring. This might or might not lead to any publicly declared lap time, but even if it does, none of us should expect a miracle. A five-percent improvement would be colossal, and colossally unlikely – there are just as many curves at the 'Ring now as there were in 2005, and the massive Veyron SS still isn't made to take them. But say the Alsatian supercoupe did cleave 23 seconds off the lap, that would still leave it at 7:17, two seconds behind the Donkervoort D8 RS, one second ahead of the Porsche GT2 RS.

So now that the pressure's off, let's just say we'll be happy with any time the Veyron SS turns in so long as we get some in-car video to take the virtual ride. Scroll down for some video of the supercar on the track. Sounds beastly.

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Bugatti Veyron

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