The BMW i8 is still on the drawing board (despite some rumors to the contrary) but it's not going to be cheap: over 100,000 euros ($125,900 U.S. at today's exchange rates), according to Automotive News Europe.

The i8 (seen above in a rendering from Sonny Lim, former head of BMW DesignWorks) is due in about two years. The i3 – also still on the drawing board – will arrive in 2013 and will be priced "very competitively for the substance you get" Ian Robertson, BMW's global sales chief, told ANE. Still, BMWs are not cheap, and who has that kind of money? People on vacation, that's who. BMW spokeswoman Linda Croissant told ANE that BMW might use a mobile sales force to sell the i models online and in places where dealers don't exist. Currently, BMW does offer test drives at holiday resorts, and we imagine that's the perfect location to act out your Mission: Impossible dreams. Find more details on the i3 and i8 here.

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