This week, Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, answers reader questions about car cleaning products.

Dear Car Coach,

There are so many car cleaning and polishing products out there that claim to be the best, claim to last the longest or claim to be the greenest. Which ones are worth buying?

The Car Coach: I get to test products all the time, so I will give you my reviews on five of the most recent ones I've tested.

1. Dual-Action Buffer - Shurhold Products

Purchasing your own buffer puts you in charge of your car's shine, and can be fun as well. I chose a lightweight Dual Action Polisher to achieve the same high-gloss, professional finish that the pros get with a rotary buffer/polisher. This less-expensive unit is designed so that less-experienced, everyday users can operate it.

Traditional rotary polishers have a larger wheel spinning at a high rpm speed, which means the operator's technique is critical to avoid burns and swirls. A dual-action polisher is special due to the unique random orbital movement. The Shurhold buffer offers a 6-inch oscillating head that eliminates these issues and allows anyone to get the same great finish, without burns or swirls. General detail maintenance like waxing and buffing can now be done in half the time, with half the effort and half the amount of product.

The quick-change pads have Velcro backing for easy changing as you go through the process.

The secret is not just the right polisher, but getting the best waxing products possible. The waxes, polishes and compounds they offer do not have fillers, which means there is no white dust to brush off after you apply their products.

The biggest benefit to polishing and waxing your car is to maintain the value of the vehicle and increase your pride in ownership.

A quality system Dual Action Polisher costs around $150, but will save you thousands of dollars and increase the value of your car or truck at trade-in time.

The kit includes: a dual action buffer with a 20-foot long power cord; quick change Velcro backing plate; pad wrench and handle; deluxe D-Handle; 1 Pair Replacement Carbon Brushes all in a canvas zippered storage bag.

2. Turtle Wax® ICE® Liquid Wax

Not only do ICE products give you the shine you'd expect, but their advanced formulas make it easy to keep your car cleaner longer. I tested the full lines of products--as did my daughter, Shelby. They claim their ICE has advanced resins and polymers to deliver long lasting, dirt repelling shine and protection to your car's exterior. Spray on waxes and detailers are easy to use as you can apply them, and wipe the product off quickly. But there is nothing that competes with a good yellow paste wax, plus some arm work or a buffer.

3. Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax

I recently tested Armor All® Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wa. It was easy to apply and remove, which is a plus for sure. The results made the car look very shiny and the results overall were effortless. This premium formula spreads like warm butter, and it won't leave white residue behind. There was no drying time (hazing) needed between steps. This made the waxing job go quickly.

The protecting agents in the wax created fierce water beading which helps prevent dirt and grime from binding to your paint. So you can enjoy the benefits of traditional car wax without most of the problems associated with them.

4. Eagle One Wax-As-U-Dry

Waxing and detailing your car can be a ton of work, but it doesn't have to be with Eagle One's new Wax As-U-Dry products.

It's available in an aerosol or pump bottle. I found it quite easy to use, so it's even easier to wax your car as you dry it from a wash.

Just spray on wet car, wipe off, and you're done. When then car was dry it had a nice lustrous shine.

The wax is a carnauba, which lasts longer than usual spray-on waxes. The product claims to have an anti-corrosion technology in the wax, which should protect your car's paint and resale value.

5. Surf City Garage - Dash Away Interior Detailer Spray

Got a dirty carpet, dash, seat, floor, door panel or console? Leather, cloth or vinyl? Not anymore. I test-drove Dash Away Interior Detailer, and was impressed with how it eliminated the dirt, grime and stains of every day life. Yes, ALL of it. Dash Away is 100% safe for cleaning every surface and doesn't leave greasy or oily residue anywhere. It also adds powerful UV ray protection to stop the sun from fading interior surfaces. Keep this one spray in your emergency kit and get rid of any dirt and stains as they occur. It's the best $10 you will spend on your car.

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