You could call the KTM X-Bow a great many things, but "practical" is not one of them. That could be changing – if ever so slightly – in the near future, however, if the latest reports are anything to go by.

Speaking with the blokes over at Top Gear, KTM chief exec Stefan Pierer admits his company is working on a version of the hardcore track car with actual doors, a windscreen and removable roof panels. We're dying to know how Team KTM will stick a lid on the X-Bow's angular close-coupled sheetmetal without looking like a crumpled mess. Will the hardtop X-Bow lose its cycle fenders in favor of a more traditional closed-wheel design, too?

We're told to look out for the X-Bow GT, or whatever they call it, around March 2013 – less than a year from now.

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