The 2007 Jeep Liberty (Jeep).
Chrysler Group LLC's Jeep brand has expanded its Liberty recall to nearly 350,000 units, the company announced Monday.

Jeep already recalled nearly 200,000 Liberties from 2004 and 2005 for the same problem in March. The new recall includes 2006 and 2007 model year Liberties, totaling an additional 137,176 units.

All of the problems with the vehicle most likely occur in snowy regions in America where the states use salt to melt ice on the roads.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rear lower control arm can sustain excessive corrosion from the long-term road salt exposure.

The corrosion can break the control arm and potentially cause an accident.

The lower control arm is what helps prevent a vehicle's suspension from moving side-to-side while the car is moving. If it breaks, the vehicle's back end could come lose and become difficult to control.

Chrysler issued a press release Monday saying it was unaware of any accidents surrounding the excessive corrosion problem with the Liberties.

However, since issuing the initial recall in April, NHTSA has reported nine complaints involving this problem. Many of the complaints listed on NHTSA's website said the drivers were merely cruising along when all of a sudden the rear end of their Jeep started to sway back and forth. In some of the complaints filed, the owners said it appeared that the control arm had rusted from the inside out even though there was no other rust anywhere else on the vehicle.

The recall is a small blow against the Jeep brand, which has continued to outperform the auto industry and set sales records month after month. In May, Jeep sales were up 24.2 percent compared to May 2011. For the year, Jeep sales are up 28.9 percent, according to AutoData Corp.

However, the Liberty, in its current form, is one Jeep that may not be around much longer. A new Liberty is expected to be a creation between Chrysler and Fiat and arrive next year.

Anyone concerned that about the Jeep Liberty recall can call the Chrysler Group Recall Assistance Center at (800) 853-1403.

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