We've been guilty of employing unorthodox paint schemes on our personal vehicles from time to time. There are few body ailments that can't be solved with the judicious application a roller, a spray can and some cheap paint. Sadly, our efforts rarely turn out as classy as the Volvo 245 wagon in this video. Two world-class graffiti artists, Carlos Aguilar and Ksera, took the time to slather their skills down the sides of this Swedish box, and the finished product is all kinds of eye-grabbing.

Combined with a little subtle aero work, just the right amount of drop and a rocking set of wheels, this brick sits just right. Or at least it would be with a barking 302 V8 under the hood. Sadly, there's little word on what propels this particular 245, which means are imaginations are free to run rampant. Check out the clip of the Volvo getting tagged for yourself.

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