All right, see if you can follow this one.

Once upon a time, Mazda decided to put out a hydrogen-powered version of its RX-8 sports car. Then, the company started deliveries of its Premacy (it's the Mazda5 here in the states) Hydrogen RE Hybrid – i.e., a hydrogen-powered engine paired with an electric motor – in 2009. That car was available for leasing only and had a fuel-tank range of about 130 miles.

Now, Mazda is looking to pair an electric motor with a hydrogen-powered on-board generator, or "range extender," Green Car Congress reports, citing the Japanese publication Nikkei. This new model is an extended-range plug-in and uses a hydrogen-burning rotary engine as an on-board generator. Want one? Sound like leases will start in 2013, but details are sparse about where and how much (likely answers: "Japan" and "a lot"). Still, when the company decides to pair a hydrogen-fuel-cell powertrain with an on-board hydrogen-fueled generator, we'll let you know.

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