Are the green-car rebates in the UK on the verge of themselves being rebated?

That's what the London's Telegraph newspaper is suggesting, asking if incentivizing people to drive green can be too effective. UK ministers are talking about revoking some of the tax incentives created to encourage people to buy advanced-powertrain vehicles because more people are taking the government up on the prospect than expected.

With higher-than-expected purchases of fuel sippers, hybrids and EVs, the government may find itself in a financial shortfall stemming from the incentives, according to the publication, which, unsurprisingly took a position against the revocation of such incentives. Any incentives cost the government money and are sometimes shut down, but over the long-term, these sorts of petroleum-use-reduction projects can help us save money. In the U.S., for example, when green technology can be applied to vehicles of all types, including military vehicles, we can save money in situations where we're paying $400 a gallon for our gasoline.

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