Mercedes partners with Glympse, adds location-sharing tech to A-Class

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class continues to pack in the latest infotainment tech. This time it's in-dash integration of the location-sharing service, Glympse. Mercedes and Glympse announced their new partnership this week at the Detroit Telematics Conference.

Normally found on smartphones, Glympse allows a user to select people with whom to share his or her location. Those people can then see where the user is on an interactive map that's displayed on either a web browser or the free smartphone Glympse app. The hallmark feature of Glympse is that users set a timer for how long their location will be shared, helping to ensure privacy after reaching their destination.

I've used Glympse before to track the progress of inbound relatives on the interstate and found it to be useful in situations that require a traveling party be punctual. While it's perfectly usable in the car today just by launching the Glympse app on your smartphone, this partnership with Mercedes marks the first time that the service will be integrated directly into the car. Unfortunately, that car is the new A-Class, which will first launch in Europe before coming to the U.S. If received well by customers, Glympse could become as common an in-car app as others like Pandora are today.

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