Icon 4x4's portfolio of projects, which includes such stunners as the reanimated Bronco and deliciously decaying Derelicts, is evidence enough that founder and designer Jonathan Ward and company have the Midas Touch when it comes to laying hands upon cars from yesteryear. Their next project, however, takes them in yet another new direction.

What they'll be doing is creating a car that never was, but could've been. The Cali-based team has decided to recreate the Aston Martin DB4 GT from the 1960s, but not just any DB4 GT – the DB4 GT Zagato. Unlike the original, however, they'll be building it Volante-style without a roof, and with the help of the Zagato coupe's original designer, Ercole Spada, who was styling chief at the design house at the time. And this being Icon, they'll be building their reimagined DB4 GT Zagato Volante around modern mechanicals, including Aston Martin's own AM V12 that can normally be found sitting pretty in the V12 Vantage.

Icon is calling the car a Reformer, which the website describes as, "Concours quality restorations hiding modern chassis engineering. But to be driven. History remixed." We call it an excellent idea and can't wait to see the result.

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