Everyone needs a plan, and now Ray LaHood and his people at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have released their Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving.

The blueprint calls for:
  • Getting the last 11 holdout states to pass laws banning distracted driving.
  • Challenge the auto industry to not provide vehicle content that the government considers distracting.
  • Educate young people about the perils of distracted driving.
  • Continue a public education campaign that "Provides all stakeholders with actions they can take that go beyond personal responsibility to helping end distracted driving nationwide."
Additionally, the government agency's blueprint announces pilot programs in California and Delaware to provide each with $2.4 million for increased law enforcement on distracted driving and create a public campaign reminding motorists that distracted driving is dangerous.

According to NHTSA, 3,092 motorists were killed in "distraction-affected crashes" in 2010.

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