Death dredges up all matter of emotions in those around the deceased. For the fortunate, it brings up warm – if difficult – memories and a coming together of loved ones. However, it's all too common that a passing exposes old wounds and creates new ones among those left behind. Such appears to be the case with Carroll Shelby and his family.

As you'll recall, the automotive icon passed away in Dallas after a protracted illness on May 10, but according to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Shelby's family is still squabbling over what to do with his remains, so his body sits interred in a freezer at a medical examiner's office.

The dispute is reportedly between Shelby's wife Cleo and his children. Cleo has apparently been estranged from Carroll since he petitioned for divorce back in 2010, but she claims the two were still married, giving her sway over what happens to his body.

For their part, Shelby's children say their father signed a document giving control over his remains to his oldest son, a claim that Cleo is apparently disputing, arguing that Carroll lacked the "physical capacity or eyesight" needed to sign off on the paperwork. Further, there's word that Shelby himself filed a petition to have the couple's 14-year marriage annulled in April on grounds that Cleo mislead him about everything from her assets to her actual name.

There's no resolution in sight, but TMZ reports that a judge could still award Shelby an annulment posthumously. However, it isn't immediately clear that such an action is being pursued.

In his 89 years, Shelby saw and survived a great many things, from serious race car accidents to the loss of (previous) spouses to painful lawsuits – not to mention both liver and heart transplants. He was a tough and savvy man who battled a lot of demons, many of which were of his own creation. Even so, we're glad he's not around to bear witness to this distasteful mess.

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