Look what our spies stumbled upon the other evening in Los Angeles: It's the 2013 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid, sans cladding. While these night shots aren't the best quality, we have yet to see any more revealing images of the next-generation Honda family sedan.

Forget for a minute that this Accord is clearly the plug-in hybrid variant – you can tell by the extra fuel filler door on the front fender – and just check out the grille and those headlights. Look familiar? It should, unless you missed the Honda Concept C at the recent Beijing Motor Show.

We're glad to see that its more aggressive front fascia has been applied nearly lock, stock, and smoking barrel to the Accord. (Is there any Honda that more needs this shot in the arm?) But it does raise some questions about the first set of 2013 Accord spy shots we saw last week, which show the car wearing a different nose. Will Honda have two different looks for the new Accord, one for the Plain Jane sedan and another, more exciting front fascia for its green model? It's a strategy that Hyundai employs on the Sonata, but we certainly can't confirm such a theory yet.

We do, however, have some evidence of what Honda will be doing to the rear end of the Accord, which is making it more aerodynamic via those squared-off bumper edges on either side of the car. The car snapped in the pictures also appears to have a little spoiler on the lip of the trunk, though again, we can't say whether these details are exclusive to the Accord Plug-In Hybrid or might make their way into all the Accord models.

Either way, these images look promising, as they show a car that's both more attractive and dynamic than the eighth-generation Accord we've been living with since 2008.

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Honda Accord

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