It's no secret that automotive designers build large clay models of their cars while working out a final design. But let us axe you something: What happens when a design is approved and the car is put into production? Deconstruction. And boy, it sure looks like fun.

Jaguar gave its XF sedan an updated skin for the 2012 model year, and now that the car has been on sale for many months now (we've driven it, in case you forgot), it's time for the sculptors who built the original life-size clay model to take it apart in the most violently awesome way possible. That's right – with axes. Is this the way they do it in England all the time? We have no idea, but it sure seems like a good stress reliever.

Scroll down to watch a trio of identically dressed Jaguar engineers hack a full-size XF model down to just scraps in a matter of edited-for-video minutes.

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