One would think that with all the technology at modern society's disposal, we would have come up with solutions to the world's persistent troubles by now. Famine would be a thing of the past. War nothing but a dark spot on our history and disease just a whisper of recollection. Sadly, that just isn't the case.

Instead, manufacturers have been happy to supply the masses with wave after wave of gadgets and gizmos that do little beyond entertain us for a few quick seconds. Film-making duo The Theory decided to make the best of one of those gadgets, the Micro Vision projector, by crafting a clever police chase scene.

The quick film follows a convict as he busts out and heads for the hills, or at least the hallway. After a short foot chase, the newly freed con takes to a Ford GT in an effort to escape the long arm of the law. While it's no solution to the world's woes, the clip is clever enough to paint a smile on our faces. That's good enough for us. Check it out for yourself.

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