Those looking to spend some of the warmest months of the year firing muscle cars down straight ribbons of hot asphalt, beware: Hyundai wants August to be "Fuel Efficiency Month."

The South Korean automaker's campaign debuted today to coincide with World Environmental Day celebrations in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Austin. As part of the campaign, Hyundai will, among other things, remind drivers to keep a lighter throttle foot, inflate their tires properly and tune their cars up often to best conserve fuel.

Hyundai practices what it preaches. The company was deemed by the EPA as the most fuel-efficient automaker in the U.S. for model year 2010, the most recent that was officially tracked by the agency. And through May, Hyundai's new car fleet averaged more than 37 miles per gallon, about 50 percent higher than the U.S. average.

Last month, Hyundai sold 67,019 vehicles in the U.S., marking both a 13 percent increase from a year earlier and a record for May.

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