There's a reason mankind began measuring work in horsepower. Horses are incredibly strong animals capable of impressive feats of industry and speed. They can also be plenty destructive. By some estimates, an average, full-grown horse can generate over 7,300 pound-feet of force in a single kick. That's more than enough to break bone, bend metal and shatter composites. Just ask one Ferrari 458 Italia owner in China. The driver came upon a horseriding club in stop-and-go traffic and commenced blowing his horn. Alarmed at the commotion, one horse did what horses do best and gave the Italian supercar a swift kick in the front fender.

Surprisingly enough, the Ferrari took the wallop without suffering too much damage, though the owner had a few choice words for horse and rider. According to reports, the Ferrari driver decided against calling the police. Check out the riding horse on Prancing Horse violence for yourself by scrolling below.

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