A Chinese bus driver was hailed as a hero last week after he managed to safely bring his passenger coach to a stop following a freak accident.

Wu Bin, 48, later died from his injuries.

Investigators say that on May 29, he was traveling down a China highway when shrapnel from a passing truck crossed the highway and smashed through the bus's windshield. It hit Wu in the arms and stomach. He suffered a ruptured liver and broken ribs, according to state-run China Central Television.

In the video above, Wu is seen braking, shifting gears and bringing the bus to the side of the road. He then puts on emergency flashers and, barely standing, warns the vehicle's 24 occupants not to wander onto the highway.

On Friday, he died at a local hospital. His wife, Wang Lizhen, was by his side.

"I know he did not want to leave me when he was injured," she told the China Daily. "When he was unconscious, I touched his forehead and held his hand."

Wu's hometown of Hangzhou recognized him as a hero.

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