Cameras at a Quincy, Mass. McDonald's captured a ten-year-old girl's joyride in her grandmother's car. The girl crashed into three other vehicles during the ordeal, WHDH reports.

According to police, the 74-year-old grandmother let the young girl get behind the wheel on a Sunday afternoon at a local McDonald's.

"[In the video] we see the driver of the first car that got struck getting out and at the same time we see the 10 year old getting out and going around to the driver's side and here we see the grandmother getting around from the passenger's side to the driver's side to switch seats," said Lt. Jack Sullivan of the Quincy police department.

The grandmother told the police a different version of the story than what was captured on the security cameras.

"She told them that she was allowing the 10 year old to sit in her lap and play with the steering wheel and that the 10 year old put the car into drive. That's how it occurred. But, you can see with the videotape, it shows otherwise and there were witnesses also that told us that they saw the grandmother and the granddaughter change places," said Sullivan.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the ordeal and there was only minor damage done to the cars. Check out the video above for yourself.

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