New Acura ILX ads promote its mullet-like nature

It's business in the front, party in the back for this 2013 Acura ILX ad that premieres June 4.

The dual personality commercials try to show you that this new compact luxury sports sedan fits into all of the aspects of a person's life or, at least two: Work and play.

The pair of commercials – of course, there are two – walk you through two young executives' lives, showing how they aggressively make decisions, flirt with beautiful women and perfectly balance work with play. Then just over half way through the 30-second commercial, they catch a respite from their busy and exciting lives by hopping into their ILX.

We think what Acura really needs is a split-screen of the same guy looking at his Facebook page at work, then looking at his Facebook page at home before heading outside to take another picture of his ILX... for Facebook.

Scroll down to check out both ads.

Acura ILX Information

Acura ILX

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