Brazil-based Tac Motors has reached an agreement for electric motorcycle maker MotoCzysz to make the electric powertrain for Tac's new electric SUV, the eStark.

The agreement is worth about $27 million and will involve MotoCzysz making 3,600 powertrains – each about the size of a suitcase – per year for the new four-wheel-drive model. The eStark is particularly suited for electric-drive because of its light weight due to fiberglass panels and plastic covering. No specifics were disclosed in regards to power of single-charge range, though the system, called the D1g1tal Dr1ve, will include components such as an oil pump, heat exchange system and other electronics.

The Stark, whose conventional version is powered by a Fiat turbodiesel, is about 161 inches long, or about two feet longer than a Suzuki Samurai, in case anyone remembers those.
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TAC Motors selects the D1g1tal Dr1ve for their upcoming eStark

Portland, OR USA / Joinville, Santa Catarina BRAZIL - May 24, 2012 - TAC Motors to build an electric version of their very popular Stark, jeep style sport-ute in 2013. "Deciding to make an electric Stark was an easy decision, the difficult part was, how?" said Giovani Balduino, TAC Motors' Technical Director. "MotoCzysz answered that question with the D1g1tal Dr1ve."

The D1g1tal Dr1ve is specifically designed for OEM's looking to build EV's. The single unit contains a liquid cooled, IPM electric motor and IGBT inverter, configurable gear reduction (1:1-10:1), differential, heat exchange, oil pump and miscellaneous electronics encased in a single box approximately the size of a carry-on piece of luggage. All that is needed to create torque is DC current supply, water loop and a low voltage wiring harness.

"The eStark is a very exciting and cool vehicle that I think will be a real success in Brazil and hopefully eventually in North America as well," said Michael Czysz, CEO of MotoCzysz. The D1g1tal Dr1ve is the commercialization of everything MotoCzysz has learned while maintaining a dominate force in electric motorcycle racing. With race-proven advanced cooling and integration, the D1g1tal Dr1ve is the first, fully integrated electric drive system for the next generation automobile.

The agreement between TAC Motors and MotoCzysz is for $27M USD / 3,600 D1 D1g1tal Dr1ves; deliveries to begin in 2013.

TAC Motors – A Brazilian company specializing in manufacturing and marketing vehicles, goods and services to automotive market niches. TAC Motors developed and manufactures the Stark, a 4WD vehicle specially designed for an excellent performance in any kind of terrain. With independent suspension and double shock absorbers on each wheel, Stark has a light structure made with RTM process fiberglass panels and engineering plastic covering a "cage shaped" reinforced tubular chassis, minimizing risks to the driver and passengers. Always aiming to provide innovative solutions to its customers, TAC Motors decided to use the D1g1tal Dr1ve to power its upcoming electrical vehicle, eStark.

MotoCzysz, LLC - Inventors of the fully integrated electric drive system. D1g1tal Dr1ves are the world's first, fully integrated electric drive systems designed for OEM's building electric automobiles and commercial vehicles. Recently added to the D1g1tal Dr1ve family is the D9, generating a remarkable 5,000Nm of drive torque for commercial vehicles. The D9 is currently undergoing rigorous government testing.

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