WHIO has the story of what Michael Smith did when Taco Bell forgot one of his tacos.

"Police say a couple went through the drive through and after the driver noticed he was missing a taco he came back to the window and started yelling at employees. Then he hit the building and took off. .... He was arrested for felony vandalism."

HLN's Morning Express has the detail on what went down between Taco Bell employees and the man without his taco. HLN reports, "He was just very sarcastic and rude and peeling of the tires. I think they thought it was another angry customer and that he would get his taco and maybe, you know, vent and pull out."

But the hungry customer didn't pull out. Instead, he revved up and rammed the entrance. Sgt. Chris Kash tells Ohio's WKEF how authorities were able to catch the man. He says, "We were able to track the vehicle fluids back to his house about 2 miles from here. Upon interview he admitted that he purposely hit the building because he was mad they messed up his order."

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