Jay Leno has finally turned out the Tata Nano episode of Jay Leno's Garage. As it turns out, the television personality actually found a way to purchase the tiny machine for himself, and the show follows the car all the way down the production line and to the Big Dog Garage in Los Angeles. Leno rolled out a whole passel of Bollywood dancers to mark the occasion and even abandoned his traditional denim uniform for an elegant Indian suit. Unfortunately, the Nano isn't legal to operate on U.S. roads, so the comedian had to come up with a place to play with his new toy.

The Los Angeles Police Department was more than happy to offer Leno a little time on their test track to stretch the Nano's legs. Despite the small engine, the car seems plenty entertaining to drive, though its suspension is clearly set up to handle the rough streets and byways of the Indian countryside. Check out the clip for yourself.

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