Say hello to the Tesla Motors robots.

As promised, Tesla has released the first of its "Inside Tesla!" Tuesday video series. This week, the company wants to take us, well, inside the factory, specifically to the stamping process, where Kuka-brand robots insert huge aluminum blanks into the press, where a thousand pounds of force then them into panels. The complex machinery is fast enough to make a part every six seconds, Tesla says. We don't know how that math pencils out, but it sure seems like it should be enough to reach the company's production goals. Back in February, Tesla said it expects to sell around 5,000 Model S electric cars this year.

Like almost everything Tesla does, the body of the Model S is unusual (see also the company's proprietary chargers or the fact that they reinvigorated the electric car in the first place). Tesla says it "is one of the few companies in the world producing a steel-reinforced aluminum car." Using this material means the car can be lighter, which helps the EV go further. You can read more about the stamping process on Tesla's blog and check out the video below.

Tesla Model S Information

Tesla Model S

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