An earthquake has rocked northern Italy once again, this time centered approximately 40 kilometers north of Bologna. Early reports indicate at least ten people have been killed in the shock and ensuing aftermath.

Reports from Italy also indicate that several automotive assembly plants and related facilities have temporarily ceased operations – more so that their employees can be with their families than due to actual damage to the facilities themselves.

Both Ferrari and its star driver Fernando Alonso tweeted in the aftermath of the event that the headquarters in Maranello was closing so that staff members could go home. Motorcycle manufacturer Ducati reportedly did the same at its headquarters located in Borgo Panigale, closer to Bologna. As did Lamborghini, whose factory in Sant'Agata is on the outskirts of Bologna, although no damage was yet reported to the location. However, the Maserati factory in nearby Modena was reportedly damaged, although to what extent remains unclear. Production is expected to resume again tomorrow.

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