Memorial Day weekend is one of the premiere road trip holidays. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 30 million people will hit the road this weekend, averaging 642 miles each. That means, for many, crossing state lines. And nowadays, that's more confusing than ever. Speed limits may vary, but at least those are posted. Cell phone laws, however, are much more confusing.

For example, if you were driving from Michigan to Florida, you could legally text while driving in Ohio and Florida, where there are no laws banning it. But in between, it's illegal, as 38 states have laws against texting while driving.

There are 10 states where you couldn't hold my phone to my ear, as these states ban drivers from using hand held devices and require hands-free cell phone use.

Younger drivers, those with learners permits or under 18, may face stricter enforcement in some states, though it's unclear exactly how a cop can figure out someone's age at 70 miles per hour.

Of course, some cities have their own laws, as well, banning everything from texting while driving to dancing with girls. Make sure you know those laws as well. Or, just stay home, no one really wants to go to Bomont anyway. To see exactly what your state's laws are regarding cell phone use while driving, check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listing or scroll through the maps in our gallery above.

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