Hollywood Electrics isn't Zero Motorcycles' top dealership by accident. The retail shop is all in on all-electrics, and it doesn't stop at simple sales and service. It also offers unique personalizations of the bikes it sells, along with complete custom creations. Its newest product takes that revamp ethos to eleven: introducing the Zero Cafe Racer with iPad integration.

The first bike to benefit from this reimagining is a 2010 trade in, but the package can be fitted to 2012 models as well. The bike has been stripped of most of its original bodywork and given a classic cafe racer seat and tail stock, with sweet LED brake and signal lights neatly assimilated. The tank gets a modern twist with an embedded – and removable – iPad that handles all your instrumentation, gives an in-depth look at your battery status, and lets you check things like range radius and charger proximity. It also allows you to tweak some basic tuning parameters.

Other alterations include Vortex clip-on handle bars and Bridgestone Battleax rubber wrapped around larger Excel rims. Its off-the-line giddyup has also been enhanced with some gearing changes for more suitable city performance.

Check out the gallery for a better look around the bike. We've also thrown in a few pics with some of Hollywood's other work, including the awesome none-more-black Darth edition.

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