A 3-year-old boy determined to visit his mother at work set off on a harrowing journey earlier this month on his toy bike.

The toddler rode for 1.3 miles before entering a busy intersection in the Chinese city of Wenzhou. Several buses nearly squashed the tot, driving past, apparently unaware of his presence, as he pushed onward into oncoming traffic. Other cars followed, narrowly missing.

But the boy was either unaware of the danger around him or undeterred by it. He pushed ahead on the toy cycle, which was battery powered. A policeman named Zhang saw the boy in traffic, and rescued him before tragedy struck, according to MSNBC.com.

Asked by the policeman if he was scared at any point during his journey to see his mom, who worked at a nearby KFC, the toddler merely said he had already learned how to cross a street.

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