Could it be? Could Subaru finally be killing the Tribeca?

We'll admit it. We've been waiting for this day since we first spied the 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca. So has every other too-clever-by-half automotive journalist who slammed Subie's range-topper when it debuted in late 2005, looking like it had been styled by whatever group-think team General Motors had canned for unleashing the Pontiac Aztek on the world. We never thought Plan B9 From Outer Space would last this long to begin with, and we wouldn't be surprised if someone told us that Subaru has been keeping the slow-selling, three-row crossover in production just to keep the automotive journalist peanut gallery from gloating. We do love to gloat.

Of course, the report from Motor Trend is nothing more than a rumor at this stage, and Subaru's official response is that there will be a 2013 model year Tribeca. And who knows, maybe the powers that be at Fuji Heavy Industries will shove another delightfully refreshed model year down the pipeline. Volvo's been doing it for years.

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