If you've ever sunk a Saturday afternoon watching a Wheeler Dealers marathon on BBC America, we don't need to tell you the show is plenty addictive. A tag team salesman and mechanic snag slightly run-down cars and SUVs, fix a few simple problems and flip them for a profit in the UK.

Now it looks as if the Discovery Channel is set to unleash an Americanized version of the show. Fast N' Loud follows a shop as they seek out classic cars and trucks, customize them and work to sell them at a profit. It looks a bit like American Pickers met Pimp My Ride and Overhaulin in a bar bathroom and this is the fruit of their rendezvous.

We will, of course, tune in if for no other reason than the guys look to have gotten their hands on an early '50s Oldsmobile Coupe. That's one of our favorites. The show premiers on Wednesday, June 6 at 10 p.m. Eastern on the Discovery Channel. Scroll down to check out the teaser for yourself.

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