Perhaps it's merely the era, perhaps it's the shapes of modern cars, but you just don't see large numbers of sports cars and supercars drenched in wildly luminous colors anymore – the Lamborghini Gallardo maybe the only exception. A sky blue Porsche 911 or a dandelion Ferrari were once nothing special; now a white Ferrari is avant-garde.

Not so for the driver of this BMW 6 Series convertible, who doubled down on a special-order Atacama Yellow paint job – not vinyl wrap – from the factory for his 6. Bimmerpost forum member X-Vert caught this in NYC while it was waiting to have some work done. While we personally shy run away from cars in incadescent colors, and even though the girth of the 6 Series makes for a Great Wall of Yellow, with the black top and black wheels we think it's not bad at all. It's not for us, but it's not bad.

Yet the image deceives: it has been 'Shopped to disguise the fact that the wheels aren't really black. They're yellow. And that changes everything... To see the beast fully resplendent, head on over to Bimmerpost.

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